Comments: Shelley Harwayne retires

I've said it a thousand times at school, and I'll say it again: The math concepts and skills you spend the most time on in class are the ones at which your students are going be most proficient. If you spend two weeks with intelligent third graders looking at the hundreds chart, they're going to come up with some pretty neat observations. Look at number patterns all day for a month and that's bound to be a strong skill for your students. But at what cost? What part of the curriculum won't get covered because the kids were moving at too slow a pace?

If I read one more breathless article by Constance Kamii, Shelley Harwayne or any other constructivist marvelling at this simple pedagogical truism, I think I'm going to hold a symbolic bonfire with every NCTM yearbook I can get my hands on.

Keep up the good fight, Bas.

Posted by J.P. Laurier at July 27, 2003 05:16 PM