Comments: SAT scores and HOPE scholarship in Georgia

I do not think that the hope sholarship should raise its SAT score requirements. Some students are bad standarized test takers, and it is not fair to punish them for that.

Posted by Sara Calvarese at November 2, 2003 07:44 PM

I think that raising the SAT scores to get the hope is just a cheap short cut in order to make Georgia educational scene look better.

Posted by Victor protasio at November 3, 2003 09:33 AM

The researcher from GSU (Henry) pointed out that the SAT is not based on the curriculum that students take during high school. Was he pointing this out as an unfortunate observation or a statement of fact, I'm kind of confused. If the SAT is not an indicator of the curriculum taken in high school then why do colleges and universities force our college bound students to take it and expect them to do well? Second, Is the SAT an aptitude test or an achievement test? If it is an aptitude test then the math section should be struck, since the questions on the SAT reflect knowledge of High school Algerbra and Geometry - not college. If the SAT is an aptitude test then the only legitemate section would be the verbal. Reading comprehension and understanding the relationship between words (the analogy section)is an acquired skill that is understandably useful for measurment as an indicator of performance in college. There is without a doubt not a single subject taken in college where proficient skills in reading comprehension is not a requirement. However, many colleges and universities (unless it is a liberal arts college or highly selective university) do not require students to take a high level math course as part of the core curriculum. If an aptitude test, I would advocate that the SAT I be reformated - the math section replaced with a more extensive verbal section and a required writing section. It is my belief as an educator and a recent college graduate that communication is a vital part of an education both while in college and upon graduation. Outside of basic arithmetic, unless one is persuing a career in the mathematics, sciences, engineering, computers, or those related, I hardly see the practicality in requiring all students to demonstrate proficiency or mastery in algerbra and geometry as it relates to getting into a good college. Those students who desire to pursue the aforementioned careers should be required to take the SAT II math subject test. I am in the process of completing research on this matter in preparation for the writing of a book. I would welcome in questions or additonal comments

Posted by Marquis L. Harris at November 19, 2003 10:55 AM

I feel that the sat requirment is not right because there are several individuals that are smart and just does not do good on test. I am a perfect example all my years in school i did good but in twelth grade i did not recieve the intended scores on my sats.

gerald dyches

Posted by Gerald Dyches at November 25, 2003 01:00 PM